What is that High Pitched Frequency in My Head?

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What is that High Pitched Frequency in My Head?

Ok, so it’s high past time to just come out and ask… Is it just me? Do you hear it? Do we all hear it? Are we connected to it? Does it come from a higher source? Did it just start or has it always been there? Is the frequency getting higher pitched and louder? Is it related to 12.21.12?

I’m sure that I could ask at least a dozen more questions but let’s just start with these and see where it goes. Maybe, just maybe, many of you will join in and share your own story and perhaps your theories with us too. For those of us that hear it, we sure would like answers!

For me, I really noticed the sound about 2-3 weeks ago during my early morning meditation. A few days before this I started experimenting with a simple process I saw in a youtube video that is supposed to help stimulate & decalcify your pineal gland. I tried this process for several days and noticed that I began having very vivid and active dreams from the second night on which is something I haven’t had for about 3 years now. When I cupped my hands to my ears (like on the video) on this particular morning I noticed “the sound” and it was very loud and very clear. At first, I thought it was a ringing in my ears. So, in that dark and quiet room I really started to focus on it and finally realized it was louder, it was different and it was constant. Now, I hear it all the time and it becomes an even louder presence when I think about it. It’s almost like it is a connection that your computer has with the internet or your phone has when you open the line to dial out. Why does the phone line have that sound anyway?

I don’t know about you, but at first I thought I must just be going nuts but then I started really wondering about the origin of it and why is it just now that I am noticing it. I started to doubt myself and began to wonder if it has always been there and I was just always too busy to pay it any attention to it. Even worse, I wondered if I always knew it was there and have always been hearing it but now I just can’t remember if it was or not….. Now I am really wondering if I am going crazy! YIKES!!!

OK…. First things first, I am not going crazy. Whew.. cool. Next, Am I the only one that hears it? No, I decided to share the experience with my closest friend and confidant, my wife, and she hears it in her head too. But now, I am wondering if anyone else hears it because she tried the same process as on the video with me but she just did it once. So, I turn to the internet search engines and it seems that others hear it but they are also wondering what it is. Of course the medical community has already given something that resembles these sounds the name of tinnitius but there is no known cause or cure for it so I am writing that one off right away. Any way you look at it, the first two questions are answered.

Now, it’s time to start digging for the answers to the other questions:
Do we all hear it?
Are we connected to it?
Is it a gift?
Does it come from a higher source?
Did it just start or has it always been there?
Is the frequency getting higher pitched and louder?
Is it related to 12.21.12?

I am going to leave comments open on this one… let’s all put our heads together (no pun intended) on this one and see if we can come up with some answers. Those of you that channel messages from other entities… ask the questions of your sources and let’s get input from everywhere!

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37 Responses to What is that High Pitched Frequency in My Head?

  1. Midhun Pk says:


    I am hearing it, is a soothing high frequency sound…i love it.. it is the divine sound, peace, bliss , love…the sound of lord, brahma..it makes me calm, follow the osund, sit and meditate friends….it is love..pure love…and you are the one who got blessed from god..

    only few can have this experience…and if you are the one…feel lucky..and concentrate more on the divine sound..follow the suond….it is nada, people normaly do yoga practice to achieve it called anahata nada..if you are the one who got present from the lord…be lucky..thank to him,

    wishing you successfull in your evolution…concious shifting..self realization…



    The sirens sing,

    And their voices

    Bringing me to perfect bliss,

    With sounds
    Which I
    Would never miss.

    Referred to in
    The Odyssey,
    Which transport one

    Who would
    Ever stop their ears
    For the sounds they sing allay all fears.

    Oh such perfect music,
    Which Thou doth bring to me.

    Oh the sounds of sirens,

    Come not,
    From the sea.

  3. Jade says:

    I’ve been aware of this sound since I was a child. It has never, ever gone away for me. Not even for a second, I don’t know what life sounds like without it. It’s always been part of existence for me and I always thought everyone else heard this too.

  4. naturally occuring phenomena says:

    I am generally a healthy active fit person , recently I went through some considerable stress , particularly sleep apnoea , caused by accumulating exhaustion & overwork resulting in inadequate rest., during that time which the high pitched tone emerged & has continued for about the last 6 months till now …I have since remedied the breathing with a machine that directs steady flow of air into my air passages & have much better rest now , concurrently at that time I quit using cannabis & my head cleared up , quitting cannabis has withdrawal symptoms that recede gradually as you normalize & readjust naturally. So I have the dual effects of withdrawal & reestablishing good sleep habits. it was very stressful but I recognized that I could do something about this. Also I have been drinking distilled water in my herbal teas .. & have avoided ingesting the fluoridated water this way. this triple change has resulted in a clearer mind but I have this high pitched effect in the centre of my head , if I could guesstimate it’s locality it would be right at the vicinity of the pineal gland. my intention was to decalcify it , if indeed it was , I don’t know.. but the sound comes & goes , I can modulate it at times & have found that when I clench my teeth the sound becomes louder… so it is some kind of physical process connected to tension. I get to sleep OK & most times it just there in the background & I am not aware of it. I don’t use any other drugs , not even coffee , alchohol.
    When I concentrate on it I become aware of it.. it’s painless & I guess it’s just the frequency of the brain that it processes at. I believe the cannabis use & bad sleep may have masked my perception of it , & perhaps the pineal gland has become more activated since I have been meditating apon higher spiritual levels of awareness. but this is also the area of the central limbic system which has a high volume of electrical nervous system activity , so what you are perceiving is the humming of the wires.. I can remember throughout my life , vaguely experiencing this at times but not at this level of intensity. It is a mystery & I think it is just a natural thing that I have focused my attention on lately. in as much as if you tune it in , you can also tune it out,,, like the background noise that anything makes.. fans hum , cars rumble , wind hushes , streams gurgle , stomachs make digestion noise , some days I can feel my joints creaking.. ( in a good way ). etc etc.,, it’s how you focus your attention , this high pitch sound is part of the operations of the human body & are ignored by most. harmless & ordinary. I hope that helps. PEACE.

  5. Aracely says:

    I heat it all the time, for some latin folk it means someone is talking bad/good about you. When im laying down ready to go to sleep it sounds like a car is coming. Sometimes its a vibration so strong it makes me shiver .. a bit scary I have to sit up because I cant take it. No pain tho.

    • Si porter says:

      Top Secret or maybe it is Tinnitus ,then again does anyone live near a pylon you know what i have thought about this quite a lot ,your right dude when you tune in to it (no pun) it does get a whole LOT louder,so therefore tinnitus has to be number 1 contender ,unless the fact that we as a species are at a stage of development where Frequencies are so profound in our atmosphere that maybe some folks seem to be affected by some kind of phenomena {taken

  6. D says:

    I too have a high pitch metallic type sound in my head. I do not mediate and will not. I do pray to God and that seems to be when it stops, but I don’t pray for it to stop. I am just so curious as to what/why it is. I am now wondering how long the pitch has been there in my head. It never changes in pitch and is constant now. Sometimes it stops on one side of my head while the other side of my head the high pitch sound continues which is truly an awesome experience because it stops me right in my tracks from whatever I am doing. It is like, “pay attention!” But to what?

  7. dale says:

    have had the pitch for many years…wrote some poems of inquiry about it….have had a multitude of experiences…visitors and travelling and 3rd eye activation and 11:11…have difficulty concentrating…used to write coherently, now paragraphs i write have to be re-read many times to make sense. When I go out to the store I have to take a note and the more people I’m around the more difficult it becomes..it is like I have no boundaries and their energy flows to and through me like the waves of the sea..So I forget my individual objectives and have this mingling instead..it is very counter productive for 3rd density tasks…I most likely should have left when asked but hesitated over one other who was still present in this reality…The pitch ( tone ) is always there like a tone accelerated…am I making sense ?..anyhow thius bit is all I can say now..am worn out from the effort…

  8. Joelene Hunt says:

    I have had ringing in my ears for along time. It comes from the right side of my head. This morning some of my family was here. I asked them ” can you her that high tone? It was a high tone in my head not from my ear, I know I have heard it before but today it sounded like everyone should be hearing it. They could not hear it, so I just let it go. Part of it is there all the time anyway.
    Back in 1987 I got in a wreck. The truck hit my side of the vehicle and my head hit and broke the window out. It bruised my head but they just let it go, never checked into it. Now I find myself having trouble getting the word I want to say harder to get out. Thus causing me to stop in conversations with my family and waiting for the rest I am trying to convey. Writing is different too. Sometimes I find myself writing a different word than I ment to. I think it did a little more than we thought. The only problem it is getting a little worse as time goes on. It is not memory loss. The ringing like I said is worse on that side. Just food for thought. Thanks.

  9. Frank says:

    Hello, francis from honduras, im 37 healthy man, run 3 times a week and full time photographer for the pasttwo years, i live in coan ruinas and today i started hearing for the firsttu e in mylife this high pitched noise yu arereferring to, thats how i found this thread, i read some interesting stuff and im able to make myown conclusion about my particular case, recently i have been drinking 3-5 cups of coffee daily thus affecting my sleeping patterns and im atthe top of the hill and my body canottake any longer the lack of rest. It is clearthat after taking some aspirins the noise got worse because contains much more caffeine and all i mustdo is recover mysleep..

  10. Xanthor says:

    I have heard and still hear this sound since I was 2 years old and now into my 40s. Everyone has it, its just whether or not one has learned how and when to listen. Sometimes if I get a bad migraine, I hear it more loudly but there is no connection between the headache and the high pitch sound. Many have heard this pitch, just few talk of it as others fear of being marked crazy when the sound is completely natural. When you get your attention on other things you forget About it, but moment you think of it you can hear it again. Its even more louder and easy to hear when waking up. Our minds//brain are like a computer. The high pitch we hear is actually information that’s stored moving at incredibly fast speeds. When you think about it, and concentrate on the sound it gets louder. That’s because its like putting a mike to a speaker, your causing feedback in your brain. Some of the best doctors will tell you its from your ears, they are so wrong in this assumption, its been already proven its not. People who are def/can’t hear can actually hear this pitch too and most hear it more as its the only type of sound they can hear.

    • MISSB. says:

      This was so helpful. I feel like I am going nuts, the last 2 nights it has distracted me, kept me up and even caused headaches… mostly notice when laying down and going to bed.. Will it stop, or me “not notice it again” .

  11. Muggy says:

    Food for thought…perhaps the sound is not just an open channel. It is possible we are receiving information that our human form is unable to decipher, but the spiritual part of our being understands, translates and stores what we need to know when we need to know it?

  12. Arthur says:

    I live in fort Smith Arkansas I work right next to a air port/ military air force base. I noticed the frequency, similar to a high pitch police siren that gets louder as you focus on it. I went outside in noticed a air plane flying by. Maybe its something communicating

  13. Catherine says:

    Well its over a year now and I still have this beautiful frequency tone in my ears. It changes frequency at times and it does go away at times too. If i notice it has gone, before I know it there it is again.. Let love light the way!!!!

  14. brad says:


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  16. TK says:

    Tuning the Cosmic Radio Dial, Part Four
    Nada Yoga: Inner Sound Meditation, the Music of the Spheres
    By James Bean
    Copyright November 2004

    The person, who is in tune with the universe, becomes like a radio receiver through which the Voice of the universe is transmitted. (Hazrat Khan)

    This creative current, filling all space, may be likened to the electromagnetic waves of the radio. (Julian P. Johnson)

    …The Great Creative Current flows outwards and downwards to create, govern and sustain all regions. It passes out from this region somewhat like the radio emanations going forth from a great broadcasting station. It is the Audible Life Stream, the most important factor in the system of the Masters. This Stream permeates the entire system of universes. A thing of great importance to us is that the music of this ever-flowing current, the stream of life, can be heard by a real Master and also by his students who have advanced even a little on the Path.” (Julian P. Johnson, The Path of the Masters)

    The subject of Shabd (Inner Sound, The Music of the Creator) is such that we cannot do justice to it by discursive reasoning. All that can be said is that “Shabd” implies the Power of God that has created and is sustaining the various grand divisions, divisions and sub-divisions of the vast creation of God. It is a current from the Ocean of Consciousness and is characterized by Sound-vibration, or in other words, It is a live and active principle which, emanating from God, is enlivening all creation. It is the instrument with which God creates, controls and sustains His vast universe. It acts as a life-line between the Creator and His creation and serves as a golden bridge between the two. The divine currents, like the ethereal waves of a radio, are spread out in the atmosphere in all the directions of the compass, giving out delectable strains of music. We, however, cannot catch the ethereal vibrations and listen to the divine melody until we get in tune with the Infinite by adjusting our mental apparatus. Therefore we become etherealized more and more as we come in tune with the heavenly music. Shabd is the connecting link between God and man. (Sant Kirpal Singh)

    “The vibrations of this Sound are too fine to be either audible or visible to the material eyes or ears…” (Hazrat Khan) Yet, as Masters and mystics often point out, there is another kind of hearing and another kind of seeing. The eyes and ears of the soul – the spiritual senses – can be developed. There is Light coming from beyond the darkness, and there is Music coming from beyond the silence, for those who have ears to hear – those who desire to meditate and discover the wonders of inner space for themselves.

    Nada Yoga, Inner Sound Meditation, in Hinduism

    Hinduism is very much a religion of divine Light and Sound; many Indian scriptures and spiritual traditions teach about the universe being created through the Sound of AUM, the ecstasy of hearing the cosmic flute of Krishna, or hearing the Unstruck Melody (Anhad Shabad) of God that reverberates throughout the universe. Yogis of Nada Yoga and Masters of Shabd Yoga Meditation impart to their students knowledge about developing their inner spiritual sense of transcendental hearing.

    Our physical and astral bodies, our Indriyas and the mind, all have Sound as their basis. As we penetrate deep into them they only lead us to Sound. As we analyze our individual existence, it takes us to Sound before we reach the transcendent Self. (Sri Swami Sivananda)

    By one who is desirous of attaining perfection in Yoga, Nada alone has got to be closely heard (meditated upon), having abandoned all thoughts and with a calm mind. (Sankaracharya, “Yoga-taravali,” quoted in Nada Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda, The Divine Life Society)

    Let yogi sit on Sidh Asana and while practicing the Vaisnavi Mudra, should hear the sound through his right ear. By communion with the Word, he will become deaf to the external sounds, and will attain the Turya Pad or a state of equipoise within a fortnight. First the murmuring sounds resembling those of the waves of the ocean, the fall of rain and the running rivulets and the Bheri will be heard intermingled with the sounds of bell and conch,… (Nad Bind Upanishad)

    The following is from the Nadbindu Upanishad, on the practice of Nada Yoga (Inner Sound) meditation. It’s from Thirty Minor Upanishds – Including the Yoga Upanishads, K. Narayanasvami Aiyar, Santarasa Publications. (“Minor” as opposed to the twelve “major” Upanishads, which are most widely translated: Mandukya, Isa, Katha,Chandogya, etc. There are 108 Upanishads in all.)

    The Upanishads represent for the Hindu approximately what the New Testament represents for the Christian. The earliest of these spiritual treatises, which vary greatly in length, were put down in Sanskrit between 800 and 400 B.C. (The Upanishads, Penguin Classics)

    Nadbindu Upanishad: “The yogin being in the siddhasana (posture) and practicing the vaishnavimudra, should always hear the internal sound through the right ear.

    “The sound which he thus practices makes him deaf to all external sounds. Having overcome all obstacles, he enters the turya state within fifteen days.

    “In the beginning of his practice, he hears many loud sounds. They gradually increase in pitch and are heard more and more subtly. At first, the sounds are like those proceeding from the ocean, clouds, kettle-drum, and cataracts: in the middle (stage) those proceeding from mardala (a musical instrument), bell, and horn.

    “At the last stage, those proceeding from tinkling bells, flute, vina (a musical instrument), and bees. Thus he hears many such sounds more and more subtle.

    “When he comes to that stage when the sound of the great kettle-drum is being heard, he should try to distinguish only sounds more and more subtle.

    “He may change his concentration from the gross sound to the subtle, or from the subtle to the gross, but he should not allow his mind to be diverted from them towards others.

    “The mind having at first concentrated itself on anyone sound fixes firmly to that and is absorbed in it.

    “It (the mind) becoming insensible to the external impressions, becomes one with the sound as milk with water, and then becomes rapidly absorbed in chidakas (the akas where Chit prevails).

    “Being indifferent towards all objects, the yogin having controlled his passions, should by continual practice concentrate his attention upon the sound which destroys the mind.

    “Having abandoned all thoughts and being freed from all actions, he should always concentrate his attention on the sound, and (then) his chitta becomes absorbed in it.

    “Just as the bee drinking the honey (alone) does not care for the odor, so the chitta which is always absorbed it} sound, does not long for sensual objects, as it is bound by the sweet smell of nada and has abandoned its flitting nature.

    “The serpent chitta through listening the nada is entirely absorbed in it, and becoming unconscious of everything concentrates itself on the sound.

    “The sound serves the purpose of a sharp goad to control the maddened elephant–chitta which roves in the pleasure-garden of the sensual objects.

    “It serves the purpose of a snare for binding the deer-chitta. It also serves the purpose of a shore to the ocean waves of chitta. The sound proceeding from Pranava which is Brahman is of the nature of effulgence; the mind becomes absorbed in it; that is the supreme seat of Vishnu.

    “The sound exists till there is the akasic conception (akasa- sankalpa). Beyond this, is the asabda soundless Para-brahman which is Paramatma.”

    A good example of Nada (Sound) Meditation practice is found in The Shambhala Guide To Yoga, George Feuerstein, Shambala Books:

    First, the practitioner should block his or her ears with the fingers and focus inwardly, listening for the arising of the inner Sound. To begin with, a variety of sounds may be heard – the practitioner may hears sounds like: the sound of the ocean, a rain cloud, a drum, a kettledrum, a conch, a bell [ringing sound], a horn, a flute, a lute, or a bee [humming sound].

    The Nad Bindu Upanishad also mentions the possibility of hearing a sound that resembles the Vina, a somewhat sitar-like instrument used in Indian classical music.

    These mystic or heavenly inner sounds are always resounding in the soul, thus when one attains a certain level of stillness and concentration, spiritual Sound becomes audible. In truth, the innerSound is always there, it is we (our attention) who come and go. We gain awareness of the Sound, and this creates the illusion that the Sound has “arrived.” When we get distracted or leave off our meditation practice it seems to us that the Sound has “stopped.” However, this otherworldly Sound continues, like radio waves flowing through the atmosphere, available to be “tuned in” anytime we want to listen (do bhajan: listen to the inner Sound in meditation).

  17. Sunny says:

    My friend just sent me the link to your post after listening to me talk about my own experience, and I’m so interested to have read all of the responses, thanks to you all. Basically I’ve been experiences the same high frequency sounds for a fair few months now. I think they occurred before, over the past few years but never as vivid and noticeable as recently. It’s true that it’s not exactly a ringing sound, and it’s not particularly located in ones ears. I think we say ‘ringing in the ear’ to simplify, but it isn’t a precise description, by my experience. Mine comes sporadically and usually lasts a few seconds, varying in frequency (like song) throughout.

    I meditate from time to time, but I’m noticeably more balanced now than than I ever have been. I incorporate meditation into my daily life, observing the moment as often as I can remind myself to, which is often. I am aware of nature and how we are part of it, and I am comforted by that feeling. I also from time to time hear (chatter) and see things (flashes of people or animals mostly), and the communication comes on the same level as the ‘ringing’, possibly via pineal gland? I question whether this is psychic ability, perhaps communication from another dimension. It’s all new to me, so I’m trying to work it out. I allow it without judgement, and no fear. Sometimes I half expect it to lift me off my feet! Haha, if only. Any tips or advice would be warmly appreciated.

    I know people say it’s tinnitus, but that just labels the experience as a medical condition, and encourages people to feel damaged in some way. My experience is pain free and interesting.

  18. Eric says:

    Hello everyone unlike most of you i only meditate very rarely but I too have seen some of those youtube videos playing certain frequencies to decalcify your pineal gland but never finished any of the videos. Just the other day i decided to meditate and quickly noticed the ringing sounding more pronounced from what seems like yhe very center of my brain and when i decided to meditaye on the frequency it began to pulsatingly get louder and louder. To me it almost seems like some sort of beacon or signal. Does anyone else feel the same about what it is or does anyone else experience this?

    • Sunny says:

      Hello Eric. I experience it in the same way. I never choose when it comes, but if I concentrate on it when it arrives, yes it seems to heighten in sound and pitch, for a few seconds before disappearing. Sometimes I’ll be mid conversation with someone, and it comes along, so I leave the conversation to focus on it.. :)

  19. I also have a very high pitch sound and it seems to always be there. I also meditate and am a Reike Master. It kind of reminds me of a radio station that I cant seem to tune in. It is very metalic. It seems if I could taste it it would taste like metal. It doesnt hurt so I just invite it to be with me. I also thought maybe a higher source was trying to tune in. will see.

  20. Jason Lane says:

    Here is my experience. I have always meditated at certain points in my life. I also did Shakti Gawains Creative Visualization, which actually always worked for me. My greatest testament to this is having my whole life/career completely changed and 30,000 bucks in the bank. It took about 1.5 years to manifest, but was an insane life twist/turn of events and bam! There I was living what I had visualized as the change/desire, and honestly the dollar amount was just a test more or less. Guess it works. Haha
    Anyway, over the summer I started to research this while 2012 thing, and stumbled upon the azurite press folks, I started doing the maharic seal meditation etc. after a few, actually probably couple weeks, I started to hear this tone in my head. Its basically like when you tuen on an old television and that tone/frequency/noise you would hear after the initial pop of the tubes firing up. Eventually you get used to it I guess, after the Tv was on. I started some other meditations and had some pretty bizarre incidents occur (basically premonitions), one of which, long story short seen a vision of myself standing and looking outside through the vertical blinds of my sliding glass patio door. The next morning a dog and a pack of cats arrived and were barking and meowing all standing outside and staring at the spot where I seen the vision of myself the night before. It was so bizarre and the animals were so intent, my girlfriend won’t even talk about the incident. Anyway
    The tone NEVER goes away, and like you mentioned, when I think about it or actually, when I watch something about spirituality, it gets very loud and predominant.
    Well, I was quite taken by the whole series of events over the few months, but like a lot of people, was a bit disappointed in the uneventful december 21, but of course, as with all things in nature, hell, the first day of spring isnt full of fields of flowers, light misty rains, and bunnies hopping along and birds chirping! Haha so I still believe, it is in the works. The whole thing has always been a bit of an objective investigation/experiment, so we’ll see.
    Anyway, yes the tone…started after doing the azurite press meditation/techniques and even though I’ve stopped them, its louder and louder and I think actually really beefed up after the 21st.
    Oh yeah! And my hearing, I guess you could call it that, things like my cell phone. If its on vibrate in my coat pocket all the way downstairs and I’m in my room listening to music or something…I still “hear” it vibrate. Odd, yes, or hear my girlfriend on the phone, when same distance is occurring. Maybe related idk. I think thats it.
    Hope that helps and lets you know you’re not “alone with the tone”. Haha And tried to give a little timeline too, maybe you can relate yours somehow.

  21. Neoamor says:

    LOL! I have had this constant high frequency tone too, for well over a year now, maybe longer.
    Thank you for having the guts to say something! I didn’t wanna be perceived as goofball, so I never admitted it to anyone. :) I had a good friend mention that he had something like that going on, but I didn’t admit to mine. That probably wasn’t purely ethical. But I had made a personal policy commitment to not disclosing the “weirdnesses” that I experience. Nothing profound, just weirdly cool.

    I have come to regard the tone as comforting. It has always reminded me somewhat of a “carrier tone” in computer terms. An analog signal that carries with it, digital data. Often I get additional frequencies with it. Sometimes left side, right side, or middle. I haven’t been able to control it, but I do notice the additional tones seem to be a response to my thoughts, or environment.

    The constant tone, gets much louder for me, when I stand on the lawn in bare feet, in the Sunlight. That’s logical.

    If you’re nuts, then I certainly am too. :)

    But, I don’t think that’s it AT ALL! It’s biological crystalline reception apparatus, doing it’s job.

    All systems normal Captain.

    • Neoamor says:

      I should elaborate on “carrier tone”:

      A “MoDem” is a Modulator/Demodulator device, hence the name.

      On the sending side, digital 1s and 0s are modulated into analog “sounds” for transmission/reception through analog equipment. Then the “sound” is reconstructed or demodulated, on the receiving side, back into the 1s and 0s that it was originally before modulation.

      The constant “carrier tone” is not the data itself. It merely indicates to both sides, that the connection is still established and active, and ready for data transfer.

      I got a bit tingly, typing that last line. Wow.

    • Very cool thoughts…. Thanks! :)

    • Richard says:

      I’ve had the noise in my head since I was a child and I’d like to experience true silence before I die.

      • Akhenaten Ali says:

        Richard, please don’t feel this way. You are a special being. It is a gift….not a curse.

  22. Another 1 says:

    That sound is the Nada Brahma or Divine Sound… don’t be worried or concerned about it as hearing it is a VERY good thing!!! I’ve been hearing it for decades, ever since my awakening.

    If you do research on ORMUS type materials, you’ll find that many who work with those also hear the sound, well sounds really as there are many levels of this type of perception. The ORMUS folks call it the “HU” sound.

    Many spiritual folks think they have “tinnitus” but that’s a mistaken assumption… the sound is directly perceived in the nervous system; it’s not coming through our ears.

    If you look into Yogic literature there are descriptions of the various “types” of sounds. Bell-like, flute-like, drums, thunder etc. Someone once told me “it means your Tenth Gate is open…”.

    I believe the constant-high-frequency-sorta-metallic sound corresponds to the Yogic “bell-like” category- it’s a bell tone sustained.

    Dr. Pillai (aka Dattatreya Siva Baba) has said “Your Destiny is sound”.

    The Sant Mat lineage is focused around the experience of “Divine Light and Sound”.
    An ex-devotee of Sant Mat broke away and turned the same basic Sant Mat teachings into “Eckankar”.

    As you pass into and out of various high states of consciousness, you’ll find that the sounds change…

    It’s all good!!!


    • Very nice…. Thank you so very much for that~

      • Another 1 says:

        THANK YOU so very much for asking the question and providing an easy venue for response. This is important info that everyone should have. It can be quite disconcerting when experiences such as hearing these sounds emerge when one is unprepared for them. I’m certain many people have had their ears and hearing checked because of what is essentially a very great blessing!

        While info on this phenomenon is out there in the world, it’s not exactly up-front and on the surface of things- one has to dig a bit for this info.

        I’m certain that *many* have experienced needless anxiety and feelings of insecurity over not knowing exactly what is happening and what is the basis for these sounds.

        I ask that those who come across this page and this info to *please* make an effort to spread this info- reblog it, send links to this page, and maybe most powefully- cut ‘n’ paste the info to an email and send it to your groups and Dear Ones. Emails can be forwarded easily and spread quite rapidly to the most seemingly unlikely places :-)

        Love and Blessings to All ;-)

      • This makes sense as well… At least it is not just me!

  23. Sophia says:

    No specific sounds for me, but a sharp pain in just one ear at a time, comes and goes. We figure it may be too high a frequency for me to hear. Just began yesterday.

    • Thank you for your comment Sophia… any thoughts as to what might be the cause?

      • Sophia says:

        We’ve talked about it… the thought of too high a frequency to hear came from our discussion. Like someone was attempting to tune in or reach me and I wasn’t quite at the right frequency? Now there seems to be repeated attempts… I have a friend who has spoken of the ringing… for me that was awhile ago( the ringing)… that has stopped. I don’t know, sound, vibration, its all One right? I guess we’ll soon find out, no?

      • The sounds continues to get higher and higher pitched daily…. so much higher than just a few days ago. Almost as if it is going for and about to reach a destination point!

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